Banishing Curses and Negative Energies

Do you feel cursed? Are negative events in your life happening more frequently than you think they should? I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that these negative energies can be dealt with if you understand how they work. The bad news is that there are no words you can utter or incense you can burn that will make all the negative in this world magically disappear. Negative energy is something we have to deal with on a regular basis. There is no getting around it. The goal of this article is to help you better understand why it’s in your life and assist you in finding effective ways to deal with it.

To begin with, it’s important for you to understand that your thoughts and actions are affected by the energy of the places you go and the people you see. Between financial challenges, relationship problems, health issues and family or friends constantly sharing their problems with us, no one is really immune to negative energy.

To make matters worse, worrying about curses or harmful energies will only give them power.  The moment you start to wonder if you have been cursed, negative events can escalate. And any negative thoughts or feelings you harbor can prevent you from receiving special blessings in your life. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to fill your mind with positive, peaceful and loving thoughts every day, until there is simply no room for any negative energies. Clearing your mind of the negative is only half the battle. If you don’t fill it with the thoughts you want, negative thoughts will eventually work their way back in.

We can sometimes be our own worst enemy. How we choose to handle the challenges we face each day will ultimately determine whether we are blessed or cursed. Below is an excerpt from Lesson 10 of our Living Wicca Today publications summarizing this idea:

“Whether a situation turns out to be a blessing or a curse may ultimately depend on how you choose to respond.  While problems can cause pain, they can also provide a wonderful opportunity for growth.  When you view your problem as a challenge to conquer, or an opportunity to discover a creative solution, that’s what you will do … and you’ll be a stronger person for it.  For those who can stay positive, struggle and crisis can turn into new growth and success.”

If someone is actually sending negative energy your way, you most likely know who it is. The real question is what do you do about it? Too many people come to seeking a spell or a pendant that will protect them from certain individuals or bad spirits. In movies, we are led to believe that we can open up a book of shadows, utter a few special words, and our problems are solved! Or we are told that if we wear a special pendant, it will protect us from negative spirits and energies.

On our website you won’t find any spells posted that banish evil spirits and solve all your problems. Instead, we encourage you to create your own magic. The actual strength of any spell or pendant depends largely on its ability to tap in to YOUR inner power. In other words, you already have the ability to create the world you want. Magical spells and tools are simply used to assist you in directing this energy. Write your spells in your own words, and use tools or charms that have special meaning to you.

For example, when I look at the Goddess Tree of Life pendant, I am reminded that the energy flowing through my life comes from my Mother Earth, and as I grow in strength, I should strive to branch out like the tree, offering comfort and sharing the fruits of my life with others. When you wear a symbol that reflects your beliefs, it gives added strength to what you think or feel.  This type of pendant is much more powerful than one you simply purchased in hopes it would somehow protect you or bring you money. Again, the power to change things is within YOU, not the pendant! The stronger your mind or intent is, the more effective your magic will be.

Of course your own spirit must be strong if you hope to banish any unwanted spirits or negative energies that you do come into contact with. If life is currently extra tough, or if the actions of others are completely draining your energy, you can count on Mother Earth to be there for you, waiting to comfort you and renew your spirit.  Her Divine energy is far stronger than any individual or group of people that may be sending negative energy your way. Stay connected to her.  The Divine has always existed in Nature and always will. Spend a little time with your Mother Earth and she will help you find the strength to face any conflicts or challenges in your life.  Harmful thought-forms sent out by others will tend to bounce off and fade away if your own energy is strong!

If you can’t go outdoors as much as you’d like, simply surround yourself with special pieces from Mother Nature to remind you of her. Set up a desktop fountain for the sound of running water, collect rocks & gemstones, a twisted tree branch or wood box you can hold and touch, and gather fresh flowers to bring the fragrance of a magical garden into your home.

Finally, one reader asked me what to do when negative or unwanted spirits possessed an entire property. This is a big job, but the principle is the same. Remove anything you can that gives you negative vibes, and fill the area with new plants, young trees or other things that inspire you and lift your spirit. If you simply try to remove the negative without filling the area with beautiful things that you love, the negative can easily return.

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